Halo Reach E3

Heres the video of Halo Reach from E3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iWyoxv_V8o
What do you think? The new space fighting looks cool, but not sure if it fits a Halo game, it reminds me a bit of star wars battlefront ship flying. Do you believe that this one will be better than the others? Worse? Even? Me, I’m not sure, I hope it will be really awesome, but Bungie has not been able to top Halo 1 in campaigh experiance. So, whats your thoughtrs on this.

mh is there a fluid flow between space and ground?

A lot of games jump into this - Eve online soon as well.

I’m not sure, that video is the only time I’ve seen or heard about space flying in Halo Reach.

HOLY SHIT. I am a huge halo dweeb. Almost failing to get my coursework in due to the Beta. That is insanely epic. I love the fact they have added SPACE FIGHTS! adds another level to an already epic looking game.

Yes, finally, another Halo fan, these people on here seem to dislike Halo, an awesome game, but they think bungie is running a series for longer than they should, I disagree, I wish they would continue after this.
But yeah, the Beta was freaking awesome.

That is because Halo Combat Evolved was such an amazing game. That is why the sequels sometimes havent felt as good because the original set the bar so high. I think they are going to continue the franchise except Bungie my not end up developing it. But I think Bungie is going to try to go out with a bang on this one. I only bought the original Xbox to play Halo. If this ends up being good I will buy a 360 to play it.

I actually played the games Halo is based on way before Halo came out.

For its time Halo was a revolution because of the map size and the ability to control
vehicles. But that was with Halo 1.

I have to sadly agree on that Halo 2 is more or less Halo 1 with few additions.
The story might be different but that seems to be about it when it concerns the
game design.

But that is also the same issue with all other FP Shooters in the past years.
Better graphics but effects better vehicles but the game concept itself did not

I recently bought BFBC2 and after being impressed with the ability to destroy
your environment and goring on the sounds the gameplay becomes even less
good than BF2.

I feel in the past years game concepts marginalized on a narrow effect road.

During the Amiga 500 times the diversity was so big. It is sad to see.

The only good games I played in the past where FallOut3, ProjectReality, Halo 1,
STALKER, EVE online.

Its true that Halo 1 was really awesome, but I love them all because, I was famillier with the gameplay from each one to the next, they all had there additions, but it was never to extreame, so that I could pick up a controller and have the basic idea of how to play the new one, Reach has made drastic changes, like armor abilitys, changes gameplay hugely, but I could just pick up a controller and fit right in, it was awesome, they have weakened a lot of items so that they are not as good, something that kinda makes me mad about items, like the scorpian is terrible now.

Ok, now what has been your favorite weapon in the Halo series? For me the Assault Rifle, halo one was the best, but I love the graphics on the halo 3 one, the reach one I don’t like so much.

Portal 2:

Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5iM9YSs0Q8
Game Play (off-screen beta): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbFWx5rPYos

It’s the only game I’m waiting for - everything else is BS.

yeh, Halo: Combat Evolved was awesome, then they took the pistol away. :frowning:

Super weapons for the win, pistol wins.
Why pistol?

one: reloads fast
two: great zoom.
three: fast loading rapid fire sniper, I so used to own with that. :3

Pistol back in Halo Reach, and better than all the other pistols outside of halo combat evolved.

P.S. It has a scope again.

Portal is great - fun game!

Never played it, whats it about, other than portals I guess.

That gameplay video is fake, thats a portal 1 map/mod
some real gameplay videos: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=189608

Sure, bugie has spent all this time moding another game, yeah, I bet that’ll work.

look at the post I quoted, then look at your post


I made a Blender Portal 2 picture! And of course I made the cake!
I really enjoyed the Reach Beta. Mid air assassinations have to be the coolest things evah! Also, did you see the mini energy sword that the elites used in assassinations!?


Yeah I did see it. Assassinations in that game are awesome, I’m really looking forward to that game coming out, I’m going to preorder it soon. I don’t like the fack that the weapons get more inacurate the faster you shoot them, its stupid. But the DMR, great weapon, I always loved the carbon in 2&3 over the battle rifle, not a big fan of the triple shot from it, DMR, much cooler.

Seems quite correct for a projectile weapon to me… :confused:

But they are spartans, what seems quite correct should not apply to them, it dosn’t seem to fit.