Halo Reach Sniper

A friend asked me to model this for a video overlay. Tell me what you think so far :slight_smile:


Here’s an update


Looks pretty cool, cant wait to see it textured!

Update 2:
anyone know how to make it look less soft?


It looks soft because it is set smooth, with not enough vertices to make a believ able hard surface. The spec and materials al look the same, I am sure a gun like that would be made ofr many different pieces, all with different materials. Increase the spec and hardness value in the shader panel, and throw a subsurf modifier on that thing.

Yeah I’ve been working on the materials. Can’t seem to get the nodes to work right :confused:
Aslo I decided to just set it to solid lol
It’s going to be just a crappy animation of the gun spinning. If it was going to be any better I would have done a LOT more work. There are wayyy to many tris

Here’s the animation. Just a simple spin around. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Set it smooth, but turn on Auto-Sooth and set it to like 70

upload the video to vimeo or something. Media-fire is inconvenient and has a lot of adds.

Model is looking great :slight_smile:

I set the Auto Smooth to 50 because 70 still looked a bit too round. Here’s the update


Enable subsurf on all your 8 sided cylinders and circles…or just use more verticies.

Also can you improve the lighting a bit, i think it is a bit too dark. Maybe also change the background?

Alright here’s the Vimeo:

The actual game gun has 8 sided cylinders. Also I don’t know much about lighting but I can try and play around with it.
and how would you like the background?

The actual game gun has 8 sided cylinders.

That is because it is low poly? or is it because of the design?
If it is the design then leave it 8 sided, if it is just low poly then i suggest making it hi poly and increasing the roundness.
Basic 3pt lighting tutorial to help you out: http://vimeo.com/7171194
As for the background, just a more engaging one nnot just solid white
Here is a quick tutorial on how to improve the presentation of your models: http://vimeo.com/4840077

This is the actual gun: