Halo Reflection


I am a newbie. I tried to have some halo material—such as particles—reflect on mirror surfaces. It was impossible. Can someone show me the way ?
HELP !!!

I think halos don have reflections.I might be wrong though,but im pretty sure,and next time use the search option.:rolleyes:

I think you may need an older copy of blender with the unified renderer.

I wish that particles and halos weren’t ignored by raytracing…


In PovRay, I could see some particles reflect on a glass surface in the dark. It was very impressive and realistic. But that’s raytracing too. Why is that impossible in this mighty blender ?


You could use envmaps - they work fine with halos.

Yep, halos in blender are a z-buffer trick and don’t get seen in the raytracer. You can get around it by mapping a blend texture with alpha to a plane, then dupliverting that plane with the particle system (which is what I would guess something like povray might be doing internally).