Halo spotlight not working 'outside' interiors.

I just recently got done laying out the base of my ship, well, I ‘accidently’ used a halo effect on my spotlight and thats what gave me the idea to also use it outside the ship to denote a floodlight on the front. The problem? I’m not getting that effect.

Inside the ship I can get the halo effect but outside the ship I’m not getting it (I’ve tried it with just one spotlight, and with several who were dupliverted with the effect but nothing.

Can a halo effect only be used on interiors? Or am I missing a critical component here?

And yes, I’ve searched the forum but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for =\

I dont quite get what your asking, maybe a pic or two would help. Blender doesnt know the difference between int and ext so it’s not that. Are we talking about halo on a lamp with ray or buffer shadows? Make sure that the lamp’s dist and clip values are long enough to stretch the halo to where you want it.

Halo on a lamp, such as the Spotlight which is able to produce that effect. Like what you get with a flash light when you turn it on, you vaguely make out the cone that it produces. But my attempt is to make it like a flood light and show that it’s active, like the front of a tractor that is working at night.

Here’s an image of it on inside the ship that I’m trying to reproduce outside (though not with such ‘flooding’ of the color, though I dunno how to reduce that yet)

Edit: I’m using YafRay as the render, so hope that helps.