Halo Step Texturing

(RipSting) #1

I found an absolutely INCREDIBLE texture generator called Infinity Textures (www.i-tex.de). I know it’s been mentioned here on the forums before but I never realized how powerful this package is.

So my problem: I created a seamlessly tilable and seamlessly looping caustics animation with I-Tex (Generator->Clouds->Causics preset) and generated a 100 frame AVI. I’m put the animated texture onto a spotlight to simulate an underwater scene and it looks pretty spankin’ good! However, as you can see from the image below, the volumetrics aren’t showing up right. I want it so that the texture is applied to the volumetric light so it looks like rays of light are making the pattern on the ground.


I have Halo on and Halo Step set to 12. The ClipSta and ClipEnd look like they’re within the right range. Shadows are enabled. I’ve tried setting CalcAlpha and UseAlpha in the texture buttons.

I’ve seen this done before, but how?!

(Eric) #2

The volymetrics in blender are fake, so they can’t be calculated within a texture. However, there are some ways to fake it, they all take a good amount of rendertime.

Here’s eeshlo’s example:

(S68) #3

Yup, right, eeshlo technique is great and will slow your machine to a crawl.

Great site, I didn’t know it! Thanx for sharing.