Halo texture on fluid?

Is there a way to apply a halo texture to a fluid in a fluid simulation? I’ve even tried to put particle physics on it for a halo texture, but I doesn’t really work… Any Ideas?

You assign a halo texture to a fluid just like you would to any other mesh. Select the fluid, click new material, and click the button that says halo.

that was the first thing I did and it didn’t work… the halo dots only appear in the corners if the fluid…

Hmm… My graphics card is out of commision right now, so I can’t test this myself. Maybe if you subdivide the domain as much as you want it to appear on the fluid?

ok, I tried that, and you can see the the little halo spots, but they’re on the vertices on the original shapes of the fluid. does that make sense? It’s like this; I have a init volume cube for a fluid and when I have the halo texture on, the halo spots appear on the corners of the original cube, and not the fluid…hmm…

yes, a halo material turns each vertice of the mesh into a halo. The more vertices you have, the more halos you have. If you are trying to make the fluid glow, try using Emit instead.

A screenshot or a .blend will make this go much faster. Oh, and my graphics card is back so I can take a look at the file.

It applies the halos to the domain mesh, not to the false mesh created by the voxel engine.