Halo texture on particles

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to get a certain effect with animated particles. What I notice is when you assign a texture to animated particles, and use ‘Halo Texture’, each particle is assigned with the same picture, making a million little pictures. I don’t want that. I want all the particles to make up ONE picture, for instance an image shows up when the particles explode, all of the particles making up ONE image, not a lot of little images. If this makes sense, can someone help me?! THANKS!


My way would be to leave HaloTexture off, that will map the image to the whole Particle stream. Then use an Empty and in MapInput map it to Object and fill in the name of the Empty, then you can keyframe the placement and scale of the empty to get the best effects.


Can you elaborate on this technique? If I turn off the HaloTex, I get not texture at all.