Halo Texture Support?

I am wondering, will the texture support for halos be upgraded? Currently (for the last 10 or so versions…), you can only use the “mix” color feature. There was no support for alpha values, and what little control I could get a texture to have over the halo’s visibility was gone when the halo’s “Add” options was changed (so that they would not be transparent with colors such as black).

Furthermore, the texture placement, when the texture is applied to each individual halo, is and fixed to the center of each halo. The halos would each have the same duplicated texture, even if it was mapped to global, which looked really fake.

There are several ways around some of this, i.e. via Blender’s compositor, multiple emitter objects, etc…

As for the upgrade, it has to be something that someone is interested in coding B4 work will begin (this usually means they need it for their own work or it is a school project).

At last look only the first texture in the textures channel was supported, but then that is workaroundable too via a rendered blend of several textures then mapping that render to the halo as an image texture.