Halo: the fan generation

This is something that I made after watching “Halo: Red versus Blue season 1” (avalible only on winamp streaming tv)


or download from their site, or from various other sites like fileplanet, filehell, etc. :slight_smile:

or subscribe, and get te high res versions like I did.

Ok, so I made a mistake, But that’s the only program that I know of that I can get the stream from.

LOL!! i just whatched that yesterday!! lol!

nice modle btw. could be a bit more detailed, and lighting to where we can see the whole thing.

hehe RvB Bloodguch Cronicles is great :smiley: hmmm that helmet :\ could be worked on more. becaue with that helmet the neck would be very bent :confused:

ya know…this has inspired me to make MC’s whole suit…thank you Akir

You are Welcome.

hey wait a minute…how come the pic didn’t show up on my computer??? dang it!

hmm, where’s the art?

I can’t see anything in the first post…

Well, first off, he didn’t spell the url right (no hyphen in mudpuddle) And even if you remove the hyphen nothing shows. A search of doug.mudpuddle.co.nz shows nothing. A search of the mudpuddle public albums shows nothing. A google image search for logosample.jpg shows nothing.


just passing by…to say that this post is…OLD

the author took it back from the grave for an unknow reason it seems…

I guess I didn’t notice the date on the post. Thanks X-WARRIOR. The mystery is solved!