halo trouble


i am creating a space scene and i need a sun. I decided to try out using a halo and i got an interesting effect. however i noticed that the seeds of the halo seem to stand out over an object that is in front of it…e.g.:

the sun is in the background and i have a planet…the camera moves a bit to the right so the sun should go behind the planet…however the halo seeds or the base is still clearly visible even behind the planet.

im sure there is some vlaue i need to adjust but i have been working at it for some tiume so could someone help me please?


Try activating the “Unified renderer” option in the Rendering panel. It should fix the problem although it slows down the rendering.

thnaks i tried the unified renderer and it does run slow,

the effect cleared up mostly but not the entire way. anything else i could do?

You can try some compositing in Sequence Editor.

i.e. render the background scene with the halo then render the planet separately and then compose them in alpha.