Halo Vs. Displacement

Setting an object to render as halo disables texture displacement. Is there any way around that?

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a bug, but I’m finding it inconvenient, and I can’t understand the reason for it.

hmm, never ran into that problem. Have you tried parenting a 1-vertex halo to every vertices of the original mesh(and set this to invisible). this way, you can have a deformed mesh and halo at the same time. Does that make sense?

Thanks! I can’t say that I have…I’m perfectly happy to try it as a hobby thing, but I’d feel more secure if halo rendering didn’t mess with displacement…

report it as a bug in the bug tracker and provide a sample file showing the issue,


I’ll do that–
I just feel that as such a relative noob to this program (although not to 3D), whenever I come across something like this, I just figure it’s my own ignorance. I was thinking that the “problem” occurs because (maybe) the “Halo” button reroutes the data from the texture to affect the haloing, if anything, rather than the displacement.

In regard to the new Displacement Modifier–pretty sweet! I was wondering, though, how you got the texture to move. I tried the “Object” option, with the animated null, and it doesn’t seem to work…

You need to select the object that you have the texture applied to, open an IPO window, click in the little field that says “Object”, select “Texture” from the pop-up menu, and finally insert keys in order to animate your parameters. The most obvious are size, type depth, bright, contrast and rgb. Base 1 and 2 will change the variety of noise that is introduced into the field (Blender, perlin, veroni, etc.). I’m not sure what the rest do as many of them only seem to apply to certain noise “Types”.