Halo Z problems in 2.49

Hi All,

I am working with a file provided to me that is using a mesh with a halo material to produce an engine glow. However, when I render the scene, the halo always appears behind the mesh instead of in front of the mesh where it is positioned. Is this a known halo bug? I have tried to avoid halo because it is so limiting and buggy, but this is a work in progress provided to me and I am trying to work with it.

Any clues?


I have not experienced this problem. What are the settings and can you upload a blend? You don’t have to upload the hole thing. Just the part that is causing the problem.

Here is a trimmed down version featuring just the left side of the ship. It illustrates the problem I am having.

Thanks for your help!


halo_problem.blend (292 KB)

I see that you have Transparancy enabled without any Alpha-change or a mapped Texture. Disabling it removes the problem.
That’s maybe a strange clipping-error.

I hope you don’t need the transparency.
Greetings Malacath

Ah! Thank you. I kept looking for problems with the glow, not on the ship.