Halos and raytracer

I have a quick question if anyone knows. I am using a current build (bf) for windows, and am getting a weird result. I created a candle like thing with a glass holder and was creating a flame for it using particles. I set everything up and put it on the wick, but the particles will not render inside of the glass holder, only a few render outside (the highest ones that are above the glass)

I get the same result if I make a mesh and set a halo material on it. Take off the halo and the material/mesh will render.

Any ideas?

Yes. The Raytracer does not consider anything except actual faces. Halos are not taken into account, neither are Halospots.

You could try doing too seperate renders, an compositing them.

Sounds like a bit too much trouble. There are easier solutions

Ok, good, I am not crazy. That is ok though. I was going to just make a flame with a textured plane or something (not an animation so should look ok), but I think my camera angle may turn out different. I was modelling a candle for a different scene and the scene requiring it may just be up enough in the air to see the flame fully/ not through the glass. I may try the composite if needed. Thanks for the replys. If interested the wip I am on is called valentine. C&C welcome… I will be putting the candle in for better “mood” lighting, as per a suggestion.

Sorry for the shameless plug to another thread :wink:

Ohh, and awesome work on the translucency, coders!!! That and the whole raytracing in general.

Urm… you know… Envmaps do still exist :slight_smile:

Bah! :)… Well what are the advantages? I have yet to see a really good refraction w/o raytracing, yet I could be wrong. Are envmaps better for certain things?

Oh yeah those… [!] :stuck_out_tongue: there are many threads on it in general,…just do a search…I wrote a thread on how to do it entitled ‘env mapping a plane’, that has been collecting dust, you could do a search for that.

Their advantages are, for example, that they actually contain the whole scene (including halos and halospots), that they are often faster, that they can create blurry reflections…