Halos in yafray? (Come on, please help me out here?)

(Renskuinen) #1

How do I create halos to be rendered in yafray?

(Fligh) #2

You can’t. You can duplivert little objects and use material that mimicks halos though, or you could render scene in Yafray, halos in Blender and composit the 2 together.


(solhex) #3

To repeat the last reply, compositing is your answer. if you don’t have any composting software try zwei_stein ([email protected]) though don’t go for the newer version make sure you get the free one. The reason I suggest these rather than Blenders video sequence editor is that they’re easier to use and quicker to preview. Very very rarely have I been able to complete every aspect of a project using a single piece of software.

(Renskuinen) #4

Ok, thanks for your help!