Halpha sun

Work is done and i’m pleased with the result :slight_smile:


and animated (~40MB)


Corona looks great on that still but there isn’t so dark stripes in sun, If i know correctly. Maybe a little too simple work: try to make some minor objects in the enviroment and don’t use so much blender’s own stars, because they usually ruin the atmosphere( :slight_smile: almost a practical joke )
Otherwise it is good!!!

Blender stars are actually quite decent if you set the size really small and a fair distance away so they look like little dots and not bigger halo things. Avoid the color though, that’s only for hippy looking abstract works.

Yes, the stars dont look that good but the sun will be used in another project so more important is the texture and the corona :wink:

Actually when you watch the sun with a special filter-system (H-alpha filter) the sun shows structures like in the image. Here is a very very good example.

lookie, it’s orange ^^

Nice texture effects though :slight_smile:

The animation is good. One of the better sun I’ve seen on this forum. :slight_smile:

Nice effects :yes:, but the texture is a bit too obvious that it is a procedural…

Really great texture! Nice glow effect too!