Hamapatch--the reason I don't delete POVRAY

You can get it here


At 397KB, it’s well worth the download.

And, yeah, it’s free.

cool…I got it to run under linux with wine…I just need to fix some openGL support and things should go well

yah, I have tried it sometime…

nice free patch program…

no…now I remember, its was a similar for creating
stuff for A:M and so…hehe :slight_smile:

Very good software at this file size!!
And the screenshots of the shareware version looks awesome too.

Well, hamapatch is good, but it has no key-frame capabilities and no armatures. That´s why I changed to Blender.

A question: Is it possible to export a file from Hamapatch to a format Blender can read?

BTW, don´t download the file from the English page, there´s a new ersion on the Japanese hompage! (The english page has version 2.5, the japanese 2.7)

New ENGLISH download site:

Hamapatch is a very good program.
You really should follow the development of PovAnim though and Blender will soon become the reason why you didn’t delete POV-Ray… besides the fact that POV can stand very well on its own, and has.

Hampatch can export to vrml, at least, which Blender can load.

why not try DXF ??

people seems to forget that DXF works in all places everywere…

I tried it from Hamapatch to Blender,
very easy task !!!