Hamapatch--the reason I don't delete POVRAY

(MaceG) #1

You can get it here


At 397KB, it’s well worth the download.

And, yeah, it’s free.

(acasto) #2

cool…I got it to run under linux with wine…I just need to fix some openGL support and things should go well

(sten) #3

yah, I have tried it sometime…

nice free patch program…

no…now I remember, its was a similar for creating
stuff for A:M and so…hehe :slight_smile:

(Caronte) #4

Very good software at this file size!!
And the screenshots of the shareware version looks awesome too.

(Detritus) #5

Well, hamapatch is good, but it has no key-frame capabilities and no armatures. That´s why I changed to Blender.

A question: Is it possible to export a file from Hamapatch to a format Blender can read?

BTW, don´t download the file from the English page, there´s a new ersion on the Japanese hompage! (The english page has version 2.5, the japanese 2.7)

(Friday13) #6

New ENGLISH download site:

(IamInnocent) #7

Hamapatch is a very good program.
You really should follow the development of PovAnim though and Blender will soon become the reason why you didn’t delete POV-Ray… besides the fact that POV can stand very well on its own, and has.

Hampatch can export to vrml, at least, which Blender can load.

(sten) #8

why not try DXF ??

people seems to forget that DXF works in all places everywere…

I tried it from Hamapatch to Blender,
very easy task !!!