Hammer editor for blender

Just wondering, is there any hammer editor that can export to blender or that blender can import its filetype?

Good job on being very clear in your post what you want to do. Many points for delicious ambiguity.

Hammer is Valve’s editor, correct? What do you want to do? If hammer can export models to any normal format, then I’m sure that you can get models somehow from it. If you can’t, you’re going to have to do some of your own searching.

I CAN tell you that you’re NOT going to be able to magically import a game into hammer and have it work. Things just don’t work that way.

No, Valve does have a hammer editor, but hammer editor is just a general term for alot of software simliar to stuff like genesis3d, valves hammer editor, or irredit. And yes i know, but there’s probably one that can export into .3ds and such, which blender can import.

eh, blender itself?

“Level editor” is a “general term” - everyone just tends to call their editor “hammer” or “forge”, because it sounds fairly appropriate. However, those common names are little more than that.

In any case, I would agree with the implication made by cyborg_ar; blender itself is an extremely general level editor.

Just use blender.

once you develop a game you can make your own set of scripts to ease level editing with blender (2.5 will be great for that) including common level-making tasks, according to the game genre. Anyway, having a set of templates, a sane library of objects and making extensive use of the dupligroup feature can make blender a very powerful yet not so difficult to use level editor already.

GTKRadiant/Zero Radiant is a map editor for ID Tech 2-4 (Quake 2-4, Doom 3) engine games. I believe there are some .Map–>.3ds programs out there. However, I’m not sure if they do textures.

Why don’t you just use Blender? Think of it like a hammer editor.
In fact, I really wish I could use Blender for my games. I don’t have to go through Detroit (Hell for the scientific mind) to make tiled texutres, all the tools I want are right there.

Not just can I add physics objects like Barrels, I don’t have to import them from some menu in hopes that there isn’t an error. I can MAKE them on the fly.

Blender works as a really powerful hammer editor, you just have to learn to use it like so.

I spent most of last night getting my meshes out of blender into source for use in a gamemode i’m making, I dare say i’ve nailed the procedure. As for hammer though i’m still using it for level creation, I’ve heard a few places claim to do bsp compiling but since hammer does it for you and is also free I’ve just learned to use that. If you’re really adamant about not learning hammer you could try something like www.getic.net and use their 3d level editor which i believe has bsp compiling. As for getting props into source games I can help you with that if that is what you require, but i’m not writing a 3 page description on how to do it if you don’t need it lol.

There is also http://map3bspc.sourceforge.net/ as another alternative, but i’ve used neither this one or the getic one, so you’re on your own there too lol.

Ninjitzue: I started a game using source and hammer, but there were so many hassles, first i had to mess with the gameinfo.txt because oddly sourcesdk screwed something up. Then, no matter how many times i saved and changed the map, made a new map file, my map just wouldn’t save =
leopardson: Yeh, blender is pretty awesome at most things ain’t it? :wink:
cyborg_arg: What do you mean? I’ve always just used scripts for an easier alternative to millions of logic bricks and even stuff that can;t be achieved by logic bricks alone.

I was talking about BLENDER scripts, as in macros, for doing common tasks, for example repeating extrusion to make walls, or automatically placing objects, etc