Hammer guy / Character creation WIP

Hello everybody!

I have been using Blender at work and I have decided to jump to something new for me: a character modeled and textured (maybe rigged and animated)
I am an illustrator and 3D software is not my speciallity. Because of that I would like to post here as many images and questions about this work in progress. I really would like to learn a lot about every step: good topology, good tricks, good UV unwrapping, etc. hope we can enjoy it!
Since I discovered Blender I wanted to start posting something interesting here.
My friend and very good artist Sergi Brosa has designed a very cool character to give an starting point.
I start posting the character design. Hope you like it!


Actually the first question I would like to share is: what do you people think about how many polys would be ok. I really like low poly characters with no more than 3000 and 512x512 diffuse texture but maybe a more complex modelling and bigger textures will be better and more impressive.

If you’re not doing a videogame character, highpoly should be fine, especially for stills! You can do wonderful closeups and so on if you’re modelling and textures allow it!
The concept is GREAT and would made an awesome gamecharacter but also a lovely highpoly one!

You know try to avoid square curves.
Use normal maps :smiley:

I enjoy seeing old-school low poly stuff, but then again I still appreciate pixel art. I believe modern games use 15-30k tris and multiple textures (maybe 2x1024 or higher).

Sweet concept.