Hammer Mill

My work in progress, i am modelling our old farm and some of the tools we used. this is the start of the mill for the corn (barley) i’m from England where corn is barley and sweet corn (maize) is something you feed to cows! when the mill is done i plan to animate it and add a mixer too. I also plan to model a milking parlour and its refrigeration system. There may be other elements to add, but i think i will have enough for now…

Definitely like what you’re doing here – I have a fondness for historical re-creations, of course. Perhaps I would slightly increase the embossing of the text, to be more like the arrow, and possibly add a bit of beveling to both. Eventually … The dimpled pattern looks very nice. Of course the diagonal pieces to either side of the “BHM1 2” text still needs a bit of work, and watch out for “faceting” on the drilled-through piece on the right side and elsewhere. “Looks Good!”

Thanks for the feed back, the arrow is meant to be more proud then the text, yes they should have some bevelling. Not sure what extra work you think is required on the pieces to the sides of the top text? Modelling the rest is going take a while as it is proving difficult to part, it as not moved for 20 yrs and not been opened for some time too. I have sprayed WD40 over several weeks now and one day i will have a go!!