Hammer Modelling Help

Hey all, I’ve been getting into blender for the past couple weeks, following a couple of Andrew Prices’s tutorials. After finishing the anvil, I thought I’d try and apply what I’ve learned to model a hammer, but I’m a bit stuck. For the handle, I want to make this inset or cut in pattern that you see on the image with the orange handle. I thought to make a torus, warp it to the right shape and use an array with boolean might help, but I quickly realized how wrong I was.

Folks who have done something like this before, how would you handle (no pun intended) putting that pattern in my hammer handle?

Oh, one thing to clarify, the handle is a duplicated part of the “metal” hammer mesh with a solidify applied to it.

this looks like a 3D pattern
so make one In 3D then use an array along the handle

after you can always manually re scale some parts

should work

happy bl

My way:
1• create a cylinder with Vertices = 8
2• in edit mode, select all rotate 22.5° (it makes your life easier)
3• scale on Z axis and reshape to resemble the handle section
4• select the 8 vertical edges and subdivide ~20 times
5• select every horizontal edge-loops obtained and bevel them a small amount with Segments = 1 (Ctrl+B)
6• select the face-rings obtained, extrude them by 0 amount and Shrink them inside a little (Alt+S)
7• add as SubSurf modifier
8• select the vertical edge-rings of the face-loops that have to be protruding (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Click on my comp) and subdivide them 2 times
9• move down the vertical edges to make the waving shape (look at the figure)
10• create a Lattice obj and adapt its scales to surround the handle
11• add a Lattice modifier to the handle
12• edit the Lattice (along the Y axis only) to properly deform the handle!

Feel free to ask, and sorry for my English.
Here’s the 2.79 file anyway: Hammer Handle.blend (276.5 KB)
Welcome to BA!!!

Holy cow!! Thank you so much dude. I’ll give this a go when I’m back home :slight_smile: