Hammer Time

Over the last few weeks i have been transferring what i know into blender to try and become familiar with it and hopefully!! be able to use it commercially! because…lets face it everything else is sooo expensive!


So i made a little project for myself based around a photoreal hammer that took me through, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, compositing and editing (with sound).
Tis my first blender project and i am quite pleased with blender!! It is VERY cool. I think for compositing it was great for pre-render compositing but found it a little hard for post render compositing as i did a bit of compositing animation and updating speed was incredibly slow. (sad to say =( i left the open source pipeline i was trying to keep just for compositing though!).
Well anyway heres the link to the animation!!


Hope you enjoy!

if that is not a real hammer but graphics, then OMG NICE!

The texture is stretched at the top.

What kind of textures did you use to make the metal part? Although the mapping is bad at the top it looks really cool. Could I also see your lighting setup?

Yes the texture is stretched too much on the top…and the wear from hitting the heads of nails on the face of the hammer is good, except the guy using this never missed a nail because there’s no scratches on the sides…Try blending where the paint is worn off rather than making it all worn on the face and not at all on the sides. Good work.

The animation was entertaining. I liked it. But the still image here of the hammer gives you time to see the stretched texture, so I would fix that, re-render(not the animation) and show us again, but other than the stretching, this is great. Keep it up.

EDIT: Oh, and also, I would change the material for the head, because where the handle ends at the head, the normal map is the same, and it takes away from realism a little.

metal needs more lustre…