Hammer weapon

Hello! I am new to these forums.
I want to know if there is anything else i can do to this model.
This is my second time making anything in blender so i am open to criticism I am creating this weapon for The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, it is a First Person RPG-info:http://www.elderscrolls.com/games/oblivion_overview.htm
This is my first attempt at modding for this game as well.

what nobody wants to criticize?

First off, the thread view counter is busted, so people really are looking even though it doesn’t say it.
Secondly, you can edit the name of the thread even now, it’s right there with the post editing, which I see you’ve done. Making the title accurate would be a good step in getting people to respond.
oh, and welcome to BA.org!

Now, for the model: not a lot to say right now, looks pretty good. If you would post wires, and some more info that would allow for more feed back possibly. You said that this is from a game, are you trying to make this model low poly for a game as well? If you’re just attempting to replicate the hammer from the game perhaps a reference photo to compare would be helpful as well.

I like the form of handle end… Very creative! :yes:


Thank you =P
I will get to changing the title.
I am not making a game, i am modifying an existing game. I made this from scratch.


Full quality

This is all i have textured so far. This alone has taken me about 2 days…Though i am learning alot whilst doing it.
I have tried to start texturing the Staff part of the hammer. But it seems extremely difficult, and it lags my computer.
Might need help on the Staff part.
Give me some feedback! let me know what you think

Also! Wireframes.


Full quality

Hey great job so far. there is just one thing that I can think of that will make it better. It’s the striking faces of the hammer. The problem that I can see is that they have sharp edges. In real life these edges would chip and break easily. I suggest making the edges of the striking face less severe like in this photo.

looks great!
Now i gotta mess around with all of the faces to make them look realistic. =P
lame. Ill post it up when i get done.

How do you get the model from Blender to Oblivion?

There are a number of steps to do this…

Shows them…i believe.

Wow, you are doing a great job for only your second model, good luck with the rest, it looks great. Also, welcome to the forum.

Thank you, And thank you again =)

Hmm that model looks pretty highpoly and from the looks u got subsurf enabled aswell. May I recommend to import some of the oblivion weapons into blender and check what kind of resources they have (polycount texture seize etc), then using the same resources for your weapon. The game might run slower if your weapons is too big for it too handle :slight_smile:


Recent progress with it. made a quickie video on it to show details.

I wanted to ask, how do i render two meshes with textures.
Any help?
Much appreciated so far!

Need help with this part!
Any Help??