Hamster Model problems

This is the problem and i cant seem to fix it
also i was wondering if anyone have any ideas on how to make the model abit smoother like edge loops?

Do you have the subsurf modifier before the mirror modifier, that always happens to me. (it could be the other way around, the mirror modifier may need to be below the subsurf, I can never remember:o)

go into side view, and take the verts that are closest to the artifact and move them
(in side view) to match the Y & Z positions of the verts on the other line I highlighted.

Another way to do this is to apply the mirror modifier and adjust the verts then.
If you want to keep the mirror modifier there (which you probably do, no offense)
use the above method.

Now while I’m here and I’m not being terse, I think I’m going to critique your
model. I think it’s a great looking model, but if you plan to animate it, you need
to look into topology.

Rule #1 of topology: The mesh must flow with how the muscles might move.
I’m going to assume that your mesh is a cartoonish work. so you probably will
just want to get the basic shape of the head. Plan how you will animate it and
model topology that will be easy to animate. If you aren’t going to animate it,
do this anyway.

Rule #2 of topology: No triangles/tris.
I can see a number of artifacts: a lot of verts are merged to lessen the number of
verts in other places in the mesh which don’t need as much detail. Pros do this.
There is nothing wrong with this. Just make sure that you only merge 3 verts
at a time. You can convert the two tris that are made by this merge into a quad/

You’ve got a great model going there. Keep it up!


thanks for that it really helped especially with the topology but now i have another problem!!!

texturing I am using the particles fuction in the phyics menu but it is only covering half of the model? and i think that has something to do with the mirroring that i used but i cant figure out how to fix it.

Also the fur is covering surfaces that i dont want to be covered (eg. inside mouth, close to eyes and in the ears) is there anyway to make the particles only cover certain sections? Sort of like mats!


Yes, it is possible with weight painting or vertex groups.


this is a tutorial about grass. but at the bottom of that post
is an explaination about weight painting. You should try

hope that helps :spin:

Okay thanks

But is there anyway to fix the problem with the model only getting half textured with the fur?

Apply the mirror modifier, then the fur will cover both sides.