Hamster plush

I might not browse this forum very often, but I’ve made something

Mesh was made with tissue addon

It ended up having 2M tris and it caused Blender to run slowly on some operations. So I don’t really recommend that.
Knitting pattern modeled with using nurbs:

Scene setup

And 2 more renders with more studio-like environment

And no - I haven’t seen Blender Guru tutorial before making this. Some people already asked this


Im not really into the “cute and fuzzy stuff”, but this is great ! Thanks for sharing.

I love this! great texture and realism, and love the colour combinations. sorry if this is a stupid question but can I ask what your Cycles render settings were for these? even just a rough idea?

What are you exactly asking for? 1500 samples and some basic color correction. Didn’t change much settings

Thanks for your reply!
I’m quite novice still, and so whilst I’ve seen a lot of amazing exports, mine still always seem to have noise. Knowing it was 1500 samples is very helpful!

More samples = less noise

That’s all it means, don’t go and use 1500 samples on your new project that wouldn’t need more than 128. If you start rendering your scene, raise the samples from a low value like 64 until you’re happy with the amount of noise and the amount of detail you have after denoising.

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Tiny hair caused a lot of noise here. Even denoising with 1500 samples made them a little bit blurry, so I’ve used mix node and mixed noised/denoised image to 50-50

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Wow, awesome! If I didn’t know it was cg I would probably have guessed it’s a photo. Great job man :slight_smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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this is amazing

cuddles so realistic! Amazing work.
Congrats on top row! You deserve it!

Very realistic, great work!

the look of the plush is amazing!

I showed this to my mum who knits these kinds of things all the time and she didn’t believe me that it wasn’t a photo.

You’ve fooled a master. Achievement unlocked :smiley:


Really well done, great work!

Can you show us material?

wauu! :smiley:

It’s just some pbr fabric texture downloaded from somethere with vertexpaint masks to change color and some texture distortion

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I’m asking for the actual thingie that makes it so plushhhhyyyy :smiley:
Make a tutorial for this scene! The wool is stunning

it’s literally a mesh

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