Hamster Stare

okay, the model is not mine, it belongs to a friend of mine named Calvin. he’s on here somewhere… anyways, he got the idea from the upcoming movie, Peach. he saw the scetch for the hamster, and decided to model it. i downloaded the model from his site, and decided to mess with it. here it is.

Some of my stuff:

Ball Game Test



Glad to be thy friend. :yes:

yep. thanks. i like the hamster thing. i had to mess around with it. you’ve got to teach me about armatures. anyways, what do you think? i was trying to test expressions.

UPDATE! eyeball. it took me a while to finally figure out how to upload an image into blender. man, i’m a n00b at this. anyways, if you look closely, there is a reflection of the cube on the eyeball.