Hamstergame for research

Sorry if this should have gone to artwork/finished projects… but as it’s a game I’m kinda confused.

All the assets for the game were made using Blender, then the sequences of jpgs and pngs for the sprites were assembled using Haxe into a flashgame.

So here you go: a Flashgame made with Blender art:
It’s for a research project, enjoy!

Interesting little game - Makes me wander why lab-rats aren’t used more often as games characters. I can’t use form at the end unfortunately…

What is your game researching?

haXe looks interesting as well… Going to the website I would really like to see some more examples.

If I told the purpose of the research it would mess up the value… thus I have to keep mum about it :_(
Lets just say the form at the end of the game should give you an idea of what the research is about.

Great - i will have to check it then. Good idea about using a game for research.

Haha, clever game!

For the people wondering what’s after the jump:

You’ve managed to hack into the control computer of an evil laboratorium. They are experimenting with mind control on hamsters through brain-interfacing. Take control of a hamster and lead it to freedom!

Welcome and thank you for participating in this experiment. By playing this game and filling in the questionnaire after completing the game you will help us gather valuable data.

The goal of the game is to get the hamster to freedom as quickly as possible. Your score is based on the total time it takes to get the hamster out. Do this by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

After freeing a hamster you will be presented a questionnaire. Please fill it in honestly. If a certain level is too hard to play, you may use the ‘skip round’ button to skip to the questionnaire. Please do not use the TAB key when filling in the questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire you can play the game again. Each round takes about 5 minutes. The more you play, the more data we get. After 5 times you are able to upload your score and see how you rank against other players!