Hamusuta-man ハムスター マン Complete game in BGE

Hamusutaman is a complete game developed in BGE

Hamusuta Team released the first version yesterday and Is working to show a video trailer soon and the gameplay. Feel free to comment and tell us what do you think about it, you can run the blender files available just at Blender 2.49

Here is our website


And here some more images of the game

It would be helpful for Hamusuta Team to receive any kind of feedback, do you like the gameplay, do you like the graphics?
Did you have any trouble installing the game?
I hope you like it, here is the Trailer of the game:

I didn’t notice 2.49 was needed when I tried this yesterday, I’ll try again later. :yes:

At newer versions than 2.49 of Blender the LPO curves are not working properly, then you can run the game but It will now show as we made.
Also we appreciate any bug report or any issues with snapshot, info of OS and computer. Its the First Release of Hamusutaman

Cool Game!:smiley: