Hand, and claws! Deadly, isnt it?

Just click the link to see my comments (and uh, pic. Great thing to forget that me!)

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EDIT: I forgot some stuff from the first picture. Mainly DISP and NOR from the textures. Sorry about that.

No comments?

Does this mean you dont love me?.. :frowning:

It’s hard to judge the picture, it’s a bit dark.
Some comments:

  • The claws are to straight, they look like little piramids just stuck on the hand.
  • The edges of the claws are way too sharp, nothing in real life has perfectly sharp edges
  • The black strips on his claws confuse me a bit, is it supposed to be a glove or something?

Sorry for the lack of reply, goofster, but I asked few more peeps about the darkness (Apparently some see it properly, and others wont). And fetced more comments. And tried to avoid my CPU melting down.

So, here is the new version

the hand is good.
the bandage is good.

but the claws, and the cubes where the claws are attached are not. nothing wrong with modelling I guess, but it’s the design that I dont understand. it’s just cube, and then another cube coming from it? maybe try to think of how it could be done in real life… give it more shape… curve…

also, what is that line on top part of the rendering?


Think another angle and wire is in order.

(Geocities link, gasp)

The line is blood. I suppose. Kinda dark material, I know.
Hm, well, this is how I pictured the claws to be. Well, maybe claws is bad word, but some sharp things anyway.

Thanks for thee comments!