Hand and Earth

This is my first attempt at realistic flesh, let alone on a hand, which as most of you know is one of hardest parts of the human anatomy to fake, second maybe to the face.

I am relatively satisfied with composition, lighting and material of the hand itself, but will definitely work on posing, hair, and general details of the hand.

I want the creases in the hand to look more like this ref photo:

Here is the original model which I purchased from TurboSquid, and then sculpted to add detail (among many other things) right is original, left is after sculpting and applying a displace modifier:

This is also my first attempt at Blender hair… or hair at all for that matter.

Critiques are much appreciated.


PS: don’t mind the earth, its hideous bump on the ocean and the specular highlights. This is just a placeholder for now.

Edit: attachments acting funny.

Re-posed and refined the fingernails a bit.

Totally screwed up the hair in the process though.

Material setup, simple yet surprisingly effective in this situation. All of the “bump” is done with displacement and sculpting with the exception of the fingernail lines:


Guess I’ll put this in the finished works gallery. Final rendering: