Hand and gun editing

Hey everyone, I have this low poly FPS arm that I want to rig fingers into but I’m unable to figure out how to separate the three fused remaining fingers on the finger mesh. Moreover, the other hand has this pistol stuck to it, which I’m able to clean out but end up with a pistol model that has empty spaces on it. Would it be possible to separate this weapon with little to no empty spaces?

Here is the model file with its texture components:

Pistol|nullxnull Pistol.mtl (134 Bytes)
Pistol.obj (157.4 KB)

Thank you

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Mirror the pistol should fix any holes.

Thanks, and sorry for the late response Mutantgenepool. That solved the problem with the gun at least.

The three fused fingers cant be separated in an easy way, because they are modelled as one broad finger. It is the texture that gives it the impression of three fingers. I think the easiest way would be deleting them entirely an replace them with copies of the index finger, but that will screw up your current UV map.

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Thanks Speedthriller Paul. Yeah, I thought so too.