hand animation

this is a test i’m doing for a future animation project. i wanted to mainly test deformation issues. from distance everything looks ok, but still there are probematic zones.

(mpeg-4 quicktime, hope works everywhere)

what do you think?


well well, that was very well done :D. really nice i cant seem to see anything wrong, maby later.

Looks great, I really like the modelling and lighting. I did see a couple of slight errors, as you mentioned (basically the underside where the finger joins the hand, though I could be mistaken), but still looks excellent. Hope you keep us updated.

In my eyes, the movement could be a bit smoother, but it’s great. The models are just great, too.

From what I saw, it seems as though it’s fine. I really think the moody lighting and materials adds a lot. I would suggest moving on to the rest of the character, unless your main goal is to exclusively use the hands. Really great work.

thanks very much for the positive feedback.

yes, there won’t be any body, just the hands. i’m making good progress with the weighting and poses (really looks better than expected :slight_smile: ). next week i’ll know if i will continue work or if that was a dead end (the hands are part of a presentation for a potential customer).

stay tuned :slight_smile:


ok kewl dude, might i ask form some stills of the hands and a wire?

One thing I notice is that the muscles are stretching instead of bulging. You could be using the Tuhoppu soft-body effects here… just stick little muscles in those zones (like the thumb, for example) so that when it moves inward the muscle will bulge outward realistically. I saw an animation of this method with a rhino, I think it was in the Siggraph demo reel.

The model itself is nice, and the negative light is an interesting touch.

well one of the problematic areas is the skin between thumb and the finger. since i switched to OSX i’ll have to wait till an tuhopuu build with stretchTo constraint for the mac comes… this would solve a lot of issues indeed. however for the presentation i’ll use only stills, so i have some time to think abt the best solution.

i’ll post some more images soon