Hand armature

So I’ve got the hand mesh, and rigged it, but instead of using the weight painting method, i just selected the faces in edit mode, and assigned them to the vertex groups that are controlled by the armature. But some of the mesh follows other bones, which is weird… and i dunno what to do… thanks in advance. Oh and i would also like some crit on the hand.http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/3605/handa.png


wip - hand.blend (192 KB)

Please post wires, so we can give you feedback on your topology. Some things look weird in that render, but without the geometry I can’t say.

Also: For vertex group assignment/viewing, try deselecting everything, switching to weight paint mode, then selecting each vertex group one-by-one. Look for any areas of weight where you don’t want weight, and paint it down to zero. There may be a faster way, but that’s guaranteed to get you there.