Hand Cannon


I have this simple scene with a handgun and I’m looking for a specific feedback focused on composition. I’m pretty much done with modeling, texturing and materials. What I’m looking for is some hints or tips how to re-arrange objects in the scene, tweak acamera angle, lightning or background to make it more interesting and get that ‘finished scene’ feel. Any suggestions?

First of all: Modeling and texturing are really nice indeed;)
My suggestions:

  1. composition: the gun points from top right to bottom left. this may make the viewers feel opposed and uncomfortable (is this the goal?). A direction in the opposite way may work better.
  2. The camera angle has an unnatural feel. I cant imagine how i should move my head to get a similar view.
  3. Lights and shadows: the gun and bullets are much heavier lit than the map, and they also have more contrast. This is odd somehow.
    Maybe some objects between the POI and the lightsource would cast enuogh shadow to make the map more interesting. It would also help to create a feeling that the viewr is inside a room and not just a studio setup.
    The gun is lying parallel to the lines of the map, so a little rotation would increase realism (if thats the goal)
    And for the last, some pp could also get it closer to the finished feel. Not much, but a little DepthOfField, RGB curve correction and some glare for the highlights IMO.
    All the best

Thanks for the tips. I’ve made some changes, not sure if for the better, though :slight_smile: I’ve also added DoF, some glare and vignette effect. They are actually on the first picture too, just more subtle.

Great model and texturing!

As far as composition goes, why is the gun on a map? Does it belong to a pirate, or some other sort of mariner? Why is it on a map of the world, and an older map at that? Why is the map so dark?

Try to tell a story with the scene, and it will enhance it greatly.

Thank you for your information. It is very benefited to my changes in my cannon. How to you collect the information for this? I have to image that changes in my cannon. It is much easier to made the changes. The shadow is make to map more interesting.