Hand drawing - Soon Yafrayed I hope -Maybe Shocking


Yep, even if i didn’t intend to do so while drawing it, people made me notice it looked pretty much like a woman’s pubis…
But it seems that there are many people who once in their lives did a drawing looking more or less like this one.
Anyway, I’m actually working to recreate it under blender and Yafray it later on at very high rez.



haha, a pubis? it’s some sort of eye blended into a landscape right?
not sure what it is, but it looks like you worked it out nicely
what material did you use?

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Well, I don’t really want to explain what it is (for i’m not completely sure about that myself, hehe)… I’d call it an organic landscape… and maybe I did know it would look like a pubis… Freud would surely tell me more about this if he still could :wink:

What did I use? erm, pretty simple stuff: 90g/m² thin-grain paper (Clairefontaine), HB Criterium, Steadler 0.5 Blue and red lead and a coton-bud to blur off ever thing… then I corrected the colors after the scan 'cause it had a very pronounced blue-dominant… whatever! :wink:

Has anybody encountered this sort of problem:
one day you can draw WHATEVER you want without trouble, even with the most twisted perspectives you could imagine, and during a few weeks… blah! you’re not even able to draw a regular cube? Keeps happening to me… it’s quite annoying since o’ll need to give a portfolio to the school I’m aiming, and this might block me :-/


Nice, interesting, quite odd, weird.
Kinda looks like a weird thing idd draw :slight_smile:

:o :o :o

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