Hand-drawn Animations [#2:Header (as in diving board)]

Good evening, folks.

guess it’s been ages since I even posted any art on BA… anyway, just thought I might show you guys some humble attempt of mine at 2D-animation.

It ain’t super-refined or anything, far from it. Neither is there much goin on, it’s just a tennis player serving (if that’s even the grammatically correct way of expressing it in english).

Technically, I drew it on paper, scanned the frames, partly scaled them digitally (my characters tend to get bigger over time, when I do this on paper) traced the outlines and added detail like the hair and clothes etc.

greetings, Kologe


It looks great! If you make some more, please, post them as well, I love hand drawn animation! Keep it up!

Thx 4 your kind words.

The good news is, I’ve got one more for you. The bad news is, this is (as you probably know yourself) quite time consuming and labourous by it’s nature, so I ain’t no idea, when I’ll find the time for more yet.

Until then:

Maybe sometime when I’m bored, I might add one, two more frames for the first pose in the beginning of this animation, 2 give the viewer some time to orientate.
Furthermore, I might add a sequence when the character actually dives into the water, including the splashing thereof etc.

greetings, Kologe