hand drawn house

hey peoples just to let know before i get any comments realisticness was not the aim of this project so you cant critisize my work about how graphically discusting it looks because that was not the aim.
the aim of this project was to create a scene and make it look as hand drawn looking as possable.

this render was done with freestyle 2.63, feel free to critisize.

Really interesting. Is it just done by textures or how did you achieve this look?
Can you show some wireframes?

There is a mistake in the shadows of the chimney. Or am I wrong?

Seems that there are multipul light sources with shadow enabled:)

The shadows are the main thing that jumps out as not being hand drawn. With the line quality of the other objects, I would expect hashing for the shadows instead of the perfectly smooth and ultra sharp shaded shadows.

This is awesome! Is this rendered in cycles or BI? And would you mind sharing the file?
Kind regards

yep definatly the shadows are breaking the Hand drawn effect. other than that, no crits :slight_smile:

This was renderd with BI would be intresting to see if someone could do this in cycles and yes derek you right, everything in this scene completely transparent excapt for the shadows of mesh. in freestyle i used a modifer called spitial noise which gives a wave kind of sketchy look and yes the chimney is supposed to be like that, i think. as for the wireframes your actaully looking at a lot of them allready in places like the roof.

thanks for all the comments

you can download the .blend for here if you want http://ubuntuone.com/3T3m8iJtmmGui5T70BpXQN

oh yes if want to actaully render this going to actaully have a copy of freestyle
which can be found here www.graphicall.org