Hand Drawn music video in Blender

This animation was planned out in Blender (scene layout, basic timing and positioning of the characters). Then it was drawn by hand and assembled in the Blender sequencer.


It’s set to music by the Portland, Oregon based band A Weather.


nice! did it take a long time?

As neat as the technique is, it is still kind of boring. It did not hold my attention long enough to finish the song. I really wanted to see him brush his teeth, or turn on the water. You know, something with some statistical density?

Wow! Really well done! Great work!

Thanks for you comments!

@aermartin Yes, it took about a year working nights and weekends. I go pretty slowly though. I’m sure it could be done in less time.

@Atom Yes, it’s very sparse. Some of my friends found this insanely boring and some found it interesting. I could never quite figure out what caused the split.

@magiciandude Thanks!

I enjoyed the guy rearranging things, just cause I have that tendancy as well.
But after he left the room it seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn’t enjoy the musi either.
It wasn’t picking up, so I fast forwarded didn’t see anything itneresting.
Sorry, but besides that, I do appreciate the time that went into this.

The animation was pretty polished, though I would have liked to see more. Did you animate the characters in place and use Blender to move the characters around the scene? And was the guy dead or just asleep at the end?

this is well done, but sad… it made me cry in the end…

first i was wondering why he is tiding everything up… and why did the push against kitty’s food…
but the there is this dramatic chance where i and the kitty realized that he was going to die and yes he did…
kitty was making mess again was a helpless cry to make him stand up again and tidy the things up so that he won’t leave her … but he won’t …
that’s very very sad and the song really fits …

very good… but hey why were you making me cry :frowning: