Hand editing problem

Hello you all.

Totally noob in Blender and have weird problem to solve.

These pictures should show what I am after: How to get rid of unnecessary particles / edges in ring finger properly. When switch from object mode to edit mode those edges vanish and you can’t delete them.

Thanks in advance to those who can solve the problem.

Sincerely: Joakim

You can go into edit mode and select all with a. Its should then be visible.
To easily delete it you go into edit mode and deselect all with alt+a. Under select in the top left of the viewport, go to select by trait and choose manifold. This should select all the stray verts and you can delete them with x.

Open edges should be visible in Edit mode by default. If they arent, then they are hidden. Press Alt+H to unhide

You can also enter edit mode… Alt+H to UN-hide > select all > then Mesh > Cleanup > Delete Loose…
I would also go ahead and select merge by distance also…as the stray edges had to come from somewhere :wink:

Thanks for the all answers, problem solved;)!