Hand (first shot at modelling)

So I eventually got sick and tired of always rendering pictures of monkeys and primitives so I thought I’d give modelling a try.
Now it is at the point were I don’t immediately see what’s wrong with it any longer so I would appreciate some comments on what to improve or redo on the model (I know, I know … the material is crap… I only focused on the model)

I used one reference image that I quickly sketched before starting (I ended up doing the fingers shorter than in the reference image). Started the model with a cube mesh and took it from there (is this what is referred to as box modelling?). The modelling took me 2,5 hours and tweaking the material and rendering took another 40 min.

I have included some images below:
http://img28.exs.cx/img28/3765/hand5.th.jpg http://img28.exs.cx/img28/3589/hand6.th.jpg http://img28.exs.cx/img28/6117/hand7.th.jpg

And a wire:

My reference sketch:

I would post the .blend also but my mudpuddle-account has not been activated yet…

I really enjoyed doing this model so hopefully I will do some more in the future. Any comments are appreciated (but in case of bashing, please be gentle, don’t forget I’m a newbie ;))

// bagge