Hand grenade M67

It’s another part of equipment for my machine.

And as usually, Comparision to reference:
There’s some differences beetween them, which i can easily change, but I will leave this mesh in this form.

Here’s a Real-time version:


Seriously photorealistic! At first I wasn’t sure which one was 3D. Keep up the great work!

Uh, i thought at first glance that the reference was the 3d render and the actual render itself, Real.
Excellent job.

seriously, it looks better than reference:) awesome model, can’t wait to see full robot

nice… work … bro… so realistic… one point I should tell that in reference that black part is not fully black… so why did u make it black… not the reference type :smiley: ???

Well it’s not fully black, this is a different tone of dark grey. My is a little brown.Original - in green tone. You know that’s only quote of changin a little that colour. I could easily change that.
But you are right I failed this time.
That’s my last post before ritual seppuku. :frowning: