hand gun

hi everyone,

A while back I found a thread around here about a gun by padfoot7726 and I really liked it so I thought I’d give it a try.

I still need a lot to do about the textures.


Great texture !! I always wonder how to create the grip pattern like that, you modeled it in highpoly then baked to a texture, didn’t you ?

no actually I used the reference image as a texture with a normal map

Okay so what about adding a reflection map …?

Well I’m a total noob when it comes to texturing can some tell the how I would go about making reflection map and spec maps and all that stuff?


Unwrap your gun. create a new image, make it black. Export it somewhere, or just paint it internally. paint the areas you want reflective/shiny white. Then load it into the material’s textures, and change it’s “map input” to UV. In the “Map to” unclick the button called “Col” and click the one called “Spec” for the spec map, and “refl” for the reflective map. Make sure to turn on “Ray Mirror”. Also, to lower the amount of spec/reflectivity, lower the slider called “DVar”.

You may also need to turn off specularity, since the texture will take care of that.

thanks for the help…

I really appreciate it.

I think it’s fine like that. Is it low poly or high poly? All it needs is to sit on a table with other objects!

its a low poly model… I think

here is a wireframe


I think it looks great :slight_smile: I’m not sure if that’s too high poly or not… it really just depends on if you’re going for call of duty graphics or golden eye for the N64 :wink:

well its call of duty inspired…

Well then it’s looking good! and yeah I’d say it’s pretty low poly