Hand mesh incorrect automatic weighting to modified rigify rig

Please see the above file. The automatic weighting of the finger is obviously incorrect despite the fact that it would appear the generated DEF are within the fingers.

Below is the file (I dont know it ias presenting the alt data as the above png):


Automatic weighting absolutely WILL NOT WORK on meshes that have unapplied location, rotation and scale. Location and rotation values should be 0,0,0. Scale values should be 1,1,1. Ideally your armature and mesh should share the same origin point. (An objects origin is displayed with a little orange/yellow dot.

To fix: Select the mesh in Object Mode, CTRL A, Select Location, CTRL A Rotation and Scale. You armature is fine, but you would repeat it for the armature if you had unapplied loc, rot or scales for that object as well.

Delete your armature modifier and vertex groups for the mesh. Select the mesh, then the armature, CTRL P , Automatic Weights. Select your mesh. Go to modifiers. Put your armature mod above the Sub D mod. (White arrows to move a mod in the stack.) Tick Preserve Volume in the Armature mod.

Good luck!

That didnt do anything. The resulting weights are all offset by a finger.

What do the dormations look like with a correctly topologized mesh at a ideal poly level when automatic weight painting works for a hand? Eg, does anyone have decent looking results with automatic weight painting of a hand?

You also need to recalculate your normals in the mesh. They are flipped. That also wrecks any weighting. In edit mode select all vertices. Look in the Tool panel for Recalculate Normals button.

I did not noticed this because you have double sided polygons enabled. You do not need double sided polygons. Uncheck it.

Everything works fine in my file.

Good luck!

Thank you!!! This was not my mesh model and I didn’t notice those things either.

Hallelujah it looks much better and automatic weighting is a great starting point for doing blender shapes or other advanced rigs