hand model


I’d be grateful for some comments :slight_smile:

Nice, How long did it take? :0

Since this was the first time i tried this kind of thing, it did take more time than it would normally. I spent a few hours fine tuning the model but the hardest part was skinning it properly to the armature so that it deformed naturally enough.
You can find a short animation utilizing this model on youtube searching for predatorkind. I made the hand do a quick flip off because I could not help myself so do not get offended :slight_smile:

no more comments? I’d like to know what I could improve and stuff :slight_smile:

I think it looks awesome! The shader seem a little too waxy though, but the model and textures are very detailed and looks realistic. :slight_smile:

It looks like someone dipped it in a bucket of wax. Improve that and this would look great. You’ve got the anatomy pretty well, though I do think the fingers are a leeetle bit thicker than it should be. The edges look hard too, prolly loops that are too close.

To much SSS.

I agree with the “it is to waxy” thing. When you take a break and work on something else for some time and then go back to the original project you begin to notice the imperfections.

Thanks for the comments.