hand modeling beginner

I am having trouble modeling a hand and removing the triangles.

In the video tutorial it shows selecting two or more faces, instructions are to shift J to join with a new face.

I cannot get this key combo to work, if you could please instruct me to the correct method.

many thanks

Making several triangles into quads you mean ?
In that case, it’s ALT + J after selecting the triangles (or CTRL+F -> Tris to Quads , or Mesh -> Faces -> Tris to Quads )

Are you sure that is what they mean? Doesnt sound quite right to me?

sanctuary is quite correct, it’s ALT + J after selecting the triangles (or CTRL+F -> Tris to Quads , or Mesh -> Faces -> Tris to Quads )

Is there a print out available for the hot keys for previous versions and current hot keys.

I have had some trouble following some old tutorials when it comes to the correct key combos.

Thank you for the help

For 2.49 there’s this :

For 2.5 there’s this :

But for 2.6 can’t find anything , in case any key shortcut changed.
I know on the 2.5 version there’s the Undo History that is wrong (its CTRL+ALT+Z now) , so there are probably more wrong too.

Thank you

I am using blender 2.62.0 r44136, is this the most recent download ?

Which of the printouts relate to my version ?

sorry for being such a newbee.

If you have triangle, you need to add edge loop. Brake one of the triangular edge up to make quad with added mesh flow.

A reliable (though less visual) way to explore keybindings is:

Ctrl+Alt+u > Input, then either search by feature name or navigate to the hierarchy level of the mode you’re in.

One big caveat (and perhaps opportunity for a feature request) is that some bindings are beneath containers like Call Menu. If you do a search for “call menu” you will see examples - expand their dropdown box to see the actual detail (and that detail does not show up in a search).


Thank you for now i will print out the two hotkey examples, and reference them when i need to.