Hand-painted low-poly animated Squgosaur

I would gladly like to share with you my results and personal victories. This is my first work in such format where I tried a lot for the first time. From sculpting to low-poly, baking, texturing, rigging, animation… This is truly a hard work. Although it is full of both significant and minor flaws, and much could be done better, yet I am pleased with the result by the end. Very likely this is my favorite and best work for today, which brought me a lot of significant experience.

Final result

Textured model in a rest position

In a pose

Some close ups:

High-poly sculpt

This work on my sketchfab: someguy6936 (@someguy6936) - Sketchfab

And artstation: ArtStation - Rock’n’drawa



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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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