Hand problem

This question probably has been asked before so sorry
I did a hand rigging tutorial with IK’s and when I put it it pose mode and I try to bend the finger it squishes the whole finger rather then just the fold.

Your problem is almost definitely with the vertex weights.

Check to make sure that the vertex group for the finger bone has all the proper weights assigned.

Then check to make sure that there aren’t any other groups (like from a bone higher up the finger or the hand, arm, etc.) that have strong influence on your finger.

All this can be done from vertex-paint mode.

I have had the same problem, but what weights would you reccomend using?

The weights helped i some but after playing around for a while I figured out that i had an armature controlling the whole hand which was messing it up for some reason do you know why?

Every weight has influence on the points of your mesh. So if, for example, you set your hand and arm weights to 1.0 (red) and attach them to the arm bone, then make a hand bone and set the associated vertex weights for that 1.0 also, when you bend the hand bone the hand will only move halfway to where you want it.

Go back and remove the hand from the vertex group for the arm and the hand will now follow the hand bone exactly.

Thanks that fixed it