How the projectile is loaded? It seem it is perpendicular to the barrel. Only difference between railgun and conventional gun is how force is generated so if the projectile has similiar shape as bullets what is the purpose of changing loading mechanism which work good for years?

i think this guy is an alien leaking alien tech undercover as a 3d artist… that gun looks like something we never seen…


Im not really an expert oh weapons but the concept was to make a gun for astronauts, and I thought that removing parts would have been easier, just leaving a loading mechanism on the back for arming the bullet. not having the problem of dust and cases flying around seems legit but mostly, having the possibility of producing and recycling bullets would be the key point to go for a rail gun.

Altho the real point here was trying to do something different

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its looks like a p90 magazine merged with a silicon hot gun lmao, nice concept and keep up the work buddy!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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