Hand rig following empty object

Hi! I’m trying to make a hand writing rig and I’d like to make my fingers deform and move as I move an empty object.

This is the hand rig. I’d like to somehow connect each finger IK bone to an empty object and make IK bones copy it’s transform values (move as I move an empty object). Is it possible to do something like that?

You move the IK chain and its components by moving the IK target object (usually a bone), so if that target is parented or constrained to another object, the rig will follow the parenting object/constraint target. This need not be an empty, though that is sometimes convenient. In the setup shown above I would try using vertex parenting to “attach” the finger IK systems to the pen at exactly the point needed to get the effect you want.

If the fingers need to move independently at some time, then use vertex parenting to attach empties to the pen, constrain your finger IK targets to those empties, and use Influence keyframes to disengage them.