Hand rig problems

(arachai) #1

OK so I am trying to rig a hand. Simple character so I figure simple rig…wrong. when i add my constraints, the bones do weird things. for one, the whole arm rig moves when i put an IK constraint on the hand. (see pic) when i put an IK constraint on the thumb null bone, the thumb rig moves. then when i rotate or grab the thumb IK bone its as if the rig is crashing!! can anyone tell me whats going on?!


(patdog) #2

Hi Chris, everyone tries to rig differently for their own desired results. Here for example is one way to rig an arm - unfortunately this documentation is not complete. Another way to learn to to look at / or borrow rigs made by others - you can find enough here

My first instinct would be to make sure the lower arm is yellow [IK solver] as most rigs work that way…

…hope this helps…


(arachai) #3

thank you patdog. that was my problem. i added an IK solver constraint to the loarm bone and BAM!! it works. Thank you for pointing that out.