hand rig with palm that can cup

As I’m skinning my hand, I’m realizing that something is missing. I used a straigtforward rig, pretty much the same as can be found in the Guide.

What I would like for is for the hand to be able to ‘cup’. This would allow for the character to touch the the tip of his thumb to the tips of all his fingers.

I’ve been trying to add a couple bones along the pinky side of the palm, but I can’t seem to figure out a good way to set it up.

I’m hoping to not have to redo too much of my rig, since I’ve finally got most of the weights done on the hand; I will if I have to.

Does anyone have a screen shot of a good hand rig to share?


umm, I think the blenderchar way would be a start


redoing the weights on the finger bones shouldn’t be an issue unless you add different bones that need to be skinned

as in, if you recreate the hand part of the rig make sure to name the bones right, the constraints and other stuff shouldn’t matter to the mesh.

Heres something I was testing a while back:


z3r0d: Thanks for the reply. Thats pretty much the rig I’ve got going. Actually, I think the hand rig at Blenderchar is the same one as the guide :slight_smile:

nozzy: VERY interesting! Thanks for sharing. Maya’s set driven key is a really useful animation tool; I’m going to take some time and check out your blend.